Redefining speed on a unicycle, the KH-Schlumpf is the world’s first geared unicycle hub suitable for both on and offroad use. Adding a second gear increases versatility by increasing your top potential speed without losing any climbing torque or maneuverability. Ideal for touring, racing, and trail rides that include sections of easy terrain or paved roads. Hand made in Switzerland in collaboration with Schlumpf Innovations.

Watch how the KH/Schlumpf geared hub is made from the Discovery Channel TV show How It's Made:


Weight: 1420 g
Gear Ratios: 1:1 or 1.5:1
62 mm triple bearings with dust protection rings, for high bearing durability and strength
Axle: ISIS spline
Capability: All September 2006+ KH frames
Wheel Building
Flange Diameter: 91.5 mm
Flange Spacing: 66.7 mm (width)
Spoke Hole Diameter: 2.9 mm
Spoke Lengths: 227 mm (24” rim), 251 mm (26"), 282 mm (29" rim), 362 mm (36" rim)

Our Commitment

Kris Holm Unicycles prides itself on producing equipment that lasts through years of long rides with minimal maintenance or repairs. Should you have any concerns about the quality of your KHU product please refer to our Warranty Policy or contact us.


Important Information Regarding the Use of the KH-Schlumpf Geared Hub

Geared hubs can be dangerous due to the high potential speed and the risk of unplanned dismounts during shifting. Ride within your limits!

Important Information Regarding the Use of the KH-Schlumpf Hub with Spirit EDB Cranks

The KH/Schlumpf Geared Hub is currently NOT compatible with the External Disc Brake (EDB) standard as supplied. Riders choosing to modify KH equipment to use disc brakes in conjunction with the KH-Schlumpf geared hub are strongly encouraged to review the following safety disclaimers.