KH Seatposts are lightweight yet built to withstand the high twisting and impact forces exerted on a unicycle seatpost during tricks, cornering, climbing, drops, and wipeouts.

Available in either a fixed or adjustable version, both feature a forged single piece post (27.2 mm models), bosting no welds or bonds, for high strength.

The adjustable version allows full angle adjustment - a critical factor that can have as much effect on riding comfort as the saddle itself, while the fixed version features a smooth post-plate join to eliminate hand injuries from sharp edges during flatland riding and the thicker, butted collar below the plate adds reinforcement while allowing maximum lowering - an advantage for shorter riders.

Fixed 27.2 mm
Construction: Forged (single piece)
Post Diameter: 27.2mm
Length: 350 mm
Fixed 25.4 mm & 22.2 mm
Construction: Forged top plate, bonded and double pinned to the seatpost tube for strength
Post Diameter: 25.4mm or 22.2 mm
Length: 350 mm
Adjustable 27.2 mm
Construction: Separately forged top piece and post section.
Post Diameter: 27.2mm
Length: 350 mm
Adjustable 25.4 mm
Construction: Bonded and double pinned to the seatpost tube for strength
Post Diameter: 25.4mm
Length: 350 mm

Our Commitment

Kris Holm Unicycles prides itself on producing equipment that lasts through years of long rides with minimal maintenance or repairs. Should you have any concerns about the quality of your KHU product please refer to our Warranty Policy or contact us.


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