Lea Opitz

Nationality German
Age 25
Hometown Regensburg
Specialty Trials, Mountain
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Lea Opitz is a German Trials and Mountain Unicyclist.

Personal Story

When I was in elementary school a friend brought a unicycle to a school event. I tried to ride, but I wasn’t even able to get on the unicycle. Not being able to mount the unicycle made me super ambitious on learning to ride a unicycle. I got one for my next birthday and learned to ride with the help of our neighbor´s fence.

Being able to ride the unicycle, I went to the local unicycling club and competed at my first track race- and freestyle competitions at the age of eleven. At one of these competitions was also held a downhill race I watched. After the race had finished, I rode down the track on my freestyle unicycle and had so much fun that I wished for a Muni for next Christmas.

At that point the Muni passion had caught me! I went to the forest quite frequently and brought my Muni to the mountains. After riding down the Zugspitze (it´s the highest mountain in Germany) on a 20” Muni, I decided it was time for a bigger wheel and a brake to prevent my legs from being completely exhausted the days after my rides. So I bought my first Kris Holm unicycle and completely fell in love with it! I learned how to use the brake and got used to the bigger wheel size. I went to many events and could improve my skills a lot.

At the age of eighteen, I felt like doing a solo backpacking trip and went to Asia for eight months. Because I couldn’t imagine flying with a unicycle, I left it behind. At this trip I learned a lot about myself and noticed, that traveling without a unicycle is just half the fun.

After returning to Germany, I started unicycling again. I moved to Regensburg and found a trials partner here, so I also started doing trials. My city offers so many great opportunities for trials, that it became my second big passion in the last two years. I love riding through the city, discovering new spots and challenges every time.

After having my unicycle with me nearly every time I traveled with my parents or friends, in December 2018 I took my Muni on a plane for the first time and traveled to Jordan. It was one of the best experiences I´ve ever made and the passion for making videos caught me there! I love exploring new countries and being in the nature on my unicycle. It never gets boring, there are so many new things to learn and explore.

The best feeling I can imagine are the first few meters of a downhill ride. That moment at the top of a mountain when I mount my muni and start to ride. At this point there is always a smile coming into my face and I know it´s going to be a great day!

Learn more about Lea at https://leaopitz.de

Competition Highlights

Competition Event Place
2022 Unicon XX Trials Finals 2nd
Speed Trials Finals 3rd
High Jump Finals 3rd
Downhill Finals 6th
2020 Winter EUC Trials 3rd
2019 German Muni Championships Cross Country 3rd
2019 Trial ÖM Trials 1st
Uphill 2nd
Downhill 3rd
Speed Trials 3rd