More and more riders are adding a T-bar to their saddle for nearly every riding style. For road riders, using an extended T-bar handle reduces front saddle pressure and provides a comfortable, bike-like riding stance. For muni, the T-bar adds control and provides a more ergonomic grip position. We recommend the T-bar for all riders using the Fusion One saddle.

The T-bar handle features adjustable height, length and bar-end angle. The ergonomic bar ends are comfortable and secure, and the narrow, single handle shaft never interferes with pedaling. The brake lever can be positioned either between the bar ends (most commonly) or along the handle shaft.

The T-bar kit includes two handle options: a 400 mm x 155 mm handle with 30 bend, and a 300 x 120 mm straight handle. We recommend the bent handle for longer handle extensions and the straight handle for short handle extensions.

Proper adjustment of the T-bar can make a huge difference to your riding comfort and performance. See the Fusion One Comfort Guide for detailed fitting tips.

Weight: 602 g
Kit Includes: bar-ends, t-bar extension, adjustable mounting bracket, saddle reinforcement plate & necessary assembly bolts.
Compatible Saddles: 2009+ Kris Holm Fusion saddles and Nimbus Gel saddles.

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T-Bar Handle Assembly Instructions pdf (205 KB)

Assembly instructions for the T-bar Handle. Including Fusion One saddle updates. Updated 2023

Fusion One Comfort Guide pdf (354 KB)

The Fusion One is a performance saddle. Correct setup is very important for comfort! This guide provides tips & suggested handle setups.