Asier Fiuza Celaya

Nationality Spanish
Age 39
Hometown Pamplona
Specialty Mountain
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Asier is a mountain unicyclist from Spain.

Personal Story

I learned to ride a unicycle when I was approximately 16 years old, although it was unassembled at first for several years. We have always lived in a small town in the north of Spain, that's where I started using it again, to move around. When I began to enter through mountains and forest, that special feeling of freedom was what captivated me.

One day, when I was walking in a park, I met a boy who had two KH mountain unicycles, I had never seen anything like that! That's when I decided to combine my passion for the mountain with the unicycle, and since then, I have not stopped practicing, I don't want to! I think that the unicycle is continuous learning and guaranteed fun!

I like to climb the mountain to the top to try to descend it, we also usually go out to train with the North Muni Riders team. I am passionate about challenges and more if they are in nature. I can also say that I founded the Irati unicycle school in Aoiz, Spain, where more than 20 children have learned to ride a unicycle. This year I’ll continue riding in different mountains, organize the yearly unicycle meeting in the north of Spain (Uniagoitz), participate in the race of Vilandro, and help and compete in Muni Challenge 2024, an event at the Basaburua mountain bike park north of Pamplona.

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