Lea Opitz

Nationality German
Age 25
Hometown Regensburg
Specialty Trials, Mountain
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Lea Opitz is a German Trials and Mountain Unicyclist.

Personal Story

When I was in elementary school a friend brought a unicycle to a school event. I tried to ride, but I wasn’t even able to get on the unicycle. Not being able to mount the unicycle made me super ambitious on learning to ride a unicycle. I got one for my next birthday and learned to ride with the help of our neighbor´s fence.

Being able to ride the unicycle, I went to the local unicycling club and competed at my first track race- and freestyle competitions at the age of eleven. At one of these competitions was also held a downhill race I watched. After the race had finished, I rode down the track on my freestyle unicycle and had so much fun that I wished for a Muni for next Christmas.

At that point the Muni passion had caught me! I went to the forest quite frequently and brought my Muni to the mountains. After riding down the Zugspitze (it´s the highest mountain in Germany) on a 20” Muni, I decided it was time for a bigger wheel and a brake to prevent my legs from being completely exhausted the days after my rides. So I bought my first Kris Holm unicycle and completely fell in love with it! I learned how to use the brake and got used to the bigger wheel size. I went to many events and could improve my skills a lot.

At the age of eighteen, I felt like doing a solo backpacking trip and went to Asia for eight months. Because I couldn’t imagine flying with a unicycle, I left it behind. At this trip I learned a lot about myself and noticed, that traveling without a unicycle is just half the fun.

After returning to Germany, I started unicycling again. I moved to Regensburg and found a trials partner here, so I also started doing trials. My city offers so many great opportunities for trials, that it became my second big passion in the last two years. I love riding through the city, discovering new spots and challenges every time.

After having my unicycle with me nearly every time I traveled with my parents or friends, in December 2018 I took my Muni on a plane for the first time and traveled to Jordan. It was one of the best experiences I´ve ever made and the passion for making videos caught me there! I love exploring new countries and being in the nature on my unicycle. It never gets boring, there are so many new things to learn and explore.

The best feeling I can imagine are the first few meters of a downhill ride. That moment at the top of a mountain when I mount my muni and start to ride. At this point there is always a smile coming into my face and I know it´s going to be a great day!

Learn more about Lea at https://leaopitz.de

Competition Highlights

Competition Event Place
2020 Winter EUC Trials 3rd
2019 German Muni Championships Cross Country 3rd
2019 Trial ÖM Trials 1st
Uphill 2nd
Downhill 3rd
Speed Trials 3rd