Ryan Kremsater

Nationality Canadian
Age 31
Hometown Abbotsford, BC
Specialty Mountain
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Ryan is one of the world's top freeride mountain unicyclists and already a veteran of Vancouver's notorious North Shore trails, having ridden there since the tender age of 12. Lately Ryan's riding style has moved towards fast, flowing descents of hard terrain on his KH27.5, although you'll also see him pedalling strongly up the climbs and building his own trails as well. Off the uni, Ryan spends his time mountain biking, skiing, trail running or shooting photos. Ryan is also completing his Master’s degree in engineering geology, focusing on natural hazards.

Personal Story

My Uncle Byron is responsible for introducing me to unicycling. He broke his collar bone back in 2001 and since he couldn’t mountain bike during the recovery period, he bought a unicycle saying “well, you don’t need two arms to unicycle…” I was 10 at the time, and was amazed by it, so my uncle gave me my first unicycle that Christmas. I remember being incredibly ecstatic. I took it home and started practicing right away. After a couple weeks of daily practice, I had ridden an unimpressive distance of zero revolutions leaving me disgruntled and disheartened.

Two years later while sifting though DVD’s I found One Tired Guy and Universe One. I watched both movies, and was instantly addicted. I found my unicycle, knocked the dust off, and started practicing with renewed determination. Daily practice, daily movie re-watch, daily unicycle day-dreams. And finally, after some difficulty, I learned to ride in early 2004 and went to the inaugural Vancouver Unicycle Club ride later that Spring.

With a diverse group of very committed and very supportive riders, they soon became an amazing group of friends and we rode almost every weekend for 3-4 years. I would not be the rider I am today without their support.

Why do you love to ride and what is your ideal day of riding? I love to ride because the unicycle is a very playful, nimble and agile machine. I can turn on a dime, twist and jump at a moments notice. I can place the wheel anywhere at anytime… the options are endless! The freedom of movement is enthralling. The unicycle is also very connected to the terrain. There’s no suspension or added stability from a second wheel. The rider feels the terrain and responds to it. It is easy to push ones comfort zone because the zone of comfort on a unicycle is narrow. The rider is never far away from the edge of control. This means that unicyclists are always in the zone or in a state of flow. The sport demands it and the feeling is very rewarding.

I also love the challenge of riding. I love pushing my boundaries, progressing my personal skill and exploring what is possible on one wheel. The unicycle has given me a chance to explore myself and explore the world I live in, changing my perceptions, testing my adaptability. My ideal day is spent trying hard lines that scare me. I love the process of developing new skills and becoming comfortable on terrain that used to be frightening. On the flip side, I am always up for a chill day of riding with friends! There’s no such thing as a bad day on the trails!

I am currently completing my Master’s thesis in engineering geology. I am studying a complex landslide system in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. I love mountain biking and skiing, I think seeing natural terrain from different perspectives is very valuable. I also love trail running, hiking, rock climbing and photography. My friends and I play volleyball on a regular basis and I would love to play tennis more often.

I heard this quote the other day: “When it comes to dreams, one may falter, but the only way to fail is to abandon them.”

Competition Highlights

Competition Event Place
2014 UNICON 17 Elite Downhill 13th